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Sea Salt Caramel


This new recipe is quickly becoming one of our most popular flavors.  Authentic buttery caramel wafers with a sprinkling of sea salt are melted and drizzled onto our sweet vanilla popcorn.  It’s just as amazing as it sounds!

Sioux City 50-50


We put a local twist on the popular sweet and salty snack. Sioux City 50-50 is a blend of our Classic Caramel and White Cheddar Cheese.  It’s a great flavor that will become your new favorite.

The Twist


Chocolate and vanilla just belong together, don’t they?  We united our chocolate popcorn and vanilla popcorn into a delicious match made in heaven.



This baked vanilla recipe has a light sweet glaze made with real vanilla bean. It’s crunchy, aromatic, and delightfully satisfying.