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Flavors come in Party Bags (44 cups). One Party Bag feeds approx. 25 people.

  • Cheese ($20) – Cheddar, White Cheddar, Double Cheddar, Cheddar Jalapeno, Buffalo Blue Cheese
  • Classic ($25) – Classic Caramel, Sioux City 50-50 (Caramel and White Cheddar), Midwest Mix (Caramel and Cheddar), Vanilla, The Twist (Vanilla and Chocolate)
  • Specialty ($30) – Chocolate Drizzled Caramel, Sea Salt Caramel, Cinnamon Roll, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Marshmallow, Black and White (Chocolate and White Chocolate), Cookies and Cream, Coconut Caramel, Key Lime Pie, Raspberry Cheesecake, Root Beer Float, Red Hot Cinnamon
  • Plain Salted ($8) – Extra large bag (140 cups)


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Flavor labels and half-sheet popcorn bar signs are automatically included.

Do you want to rent a display which includes 5 bowls, risers, scoops, and framed popcorn bar sign (starting at $30)?

Do you want to purchase popcorn boxes (25 for $10) or solo cups (25 for $8) to serve your guests?

If you have specific artwork for the popcorn boxes, please email to koatedkernels@hotmail.com. We will send a draft for your approval with the confirmation.


Thank you for your preliminary order. Koated Kernels will contact you shortly for further details.